Accessibility Is Utopia Benefit Tee

$ 35.00


Hot Lava is hosting Benefit Tees for artist and disability activist Emily Barker (@celestial_investments). Designed and screen printed by our in-house team.

Emily Barker is an artist/disability organizer/model/ and designer. They are chronically ill and a paraplegic. They’ve given artists talks at UCLA, The Royal arts Academy of London, MCAD and more. Their solo show Built to Scale in 2019 exposed the inaccessibility in domestic spaces.

They have two museum shows this year.  And yet they are facing an eviction, being high risk, and surviving covid- they decided to build out an RV to move into, as less than 1% of all housing is wheelchair accessible, and they could not find any other options. All proceeds will go to support this project and the residency held there for other disabled artists.



Hard Feelings Baby Tee

$ 43.00

Hard Feelings Shorts

$ 56.00

PMA Baby Tee

$ 43.00