BFF Jumpsuit

$ 68.00


Workwear with a tailored fit and very elastic waist band for a smaller looking waist unlike the men's wear alternatives out there. Zip front and snap button pointed collar. Wear alone or layer over a tee.



If you're a subhuman drug addict con artist who has multiple (SUPRISE!) repeat embezzlement charges including stealing over a total 70k from the only people who would employ you after lying about your college degree, skill set, and multiple other major life details (all of them) causing you to have to flee the state and abandoning your things, making your mom cry, and vanishing off the internet because no one fucks with your creepy ass including your family or literally one person you knew prior to this year then this is the perfect jumpsuit for you.


 OR if you are a cool chick who wants to look extra fly walking down the street, shining bright, collecting compliments and contributing to the world in a positive way this is also the jumpsuit for you and ur BFF.

All jokes aside this is one of my favorite looks from the brand. The neon orange looks goooooooood.


Percentage of the proceeds from the month April will be donated to to Planned Parenthood on behalf of Safe Sex and Testing, in May they will be donated to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. After that I need them to pay the multiple outstanding debts on my credit cards.


                   Our model Jazz (cool chick collecting compliments)

height: 5’6
Bust: 35 in.
Waist: 26 in.
Hips: 36 in.

She is wearing a size small (steak note: Even tho my measurements are technically a small, i wear the xs in this because I like my curves to show a little more)